Christian is a professional photographer currently based in Luxembourg. 

His work has taken him all across Europe, primarily dividing his time between Paris and Luxembourg. 

Internationally he has spent time soaking up the energy of New York, Tokyo and Bolivia.

A self proclaimed ‘Beauty Hunter’, his work cultivates an unfiltered and pure vision of the word. 

Christian’s personal projects focus on the world of beauty portraiture and fashion photography. The subtle use of light and minimalistic elements are his favoured tools of expression. 

Throughout his photographic evolution he has cultivated a clear esthetic and a sensitivity to what is essential. His inspiration comes from iconic photographers such as Demarchlier, Testino, Lindbergh and Olaf.

He is drawn to the classic definition of photography, his work brings to life the language of light and form putting the model's essence in the forefront. 

Rather than approaching his model with a predefined concept he prefers a free flow exchange between photographer subject. His organic approach to artistic production allows his subjects’ personality to shine through.

Christian's instragram page : @christianwilmes

Christian’s commissioned work has allowed him to collaborate on a broad spectrum of projects with a diverse client base. 

Through F16 productions he delivers the highest quality visuals for commercial purposes.

Advertising campaigns - Join telecom, Boonchu, FAIR vodka,  Fischer, La Grande Epicerie de Paris, Paul (LU), Region des Voges, Audi (LU)

Editorial and Magazine covers - Femmes magazine, Luxuriant magazine , Le Bon Temps magazine, Piano International, Made in Luxe, Tagebaltt

Lookbooks -   Swarovski (corporate), Vol(t)age, Yoshi Kondo, Schmitz Creation, IKI by Tsume

Interior photography - Paula Ka (LU), Louboutin (LU), Nespresso (LU)

Other activities include 

Sales & Consultant for Lecuit - (Leica Cameras) 

Studio Lighting Techniques Workshops - (Profoto / Leica) 

Artistic Representation at AWC -

Commercial photography -


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